Whether you are a solicitor, an accountant or in a similar professional practice, you understand the importance of providing the very best service for your clients. At AEON we share these same values but recognise that since financial regulations changed in December 2001, it has become more difficult for you to offer independent financial advice. Forming a professional partnership with AEON could help.

Professional Partnerships

Many professional practices, including lawyers, accountants and tax specialists have decided to form a professional partnership with us to take advantage of our role as Independent Financial Advisers.

Why You Should Work With Us

There are a number of benefits in developing a professional partnership with AEON:

  • You enhance your client offering by providing a whole of market proposition with exceptional service standards
  • By referring clients who need financial advice to us, you can concentrate on offering the type of advice which falls within your areas of expertise
  • Issues that arise from our advice in your areas of expertise will produce more professional income for you
  • Regular updates about financial matters can be provided to all our partners so that you always know that your clients are being offered relevant financial advice
  • Using our services means you would be able to demonstrate to both your professional body and the FCA that you meet the ‘duty of care’ expected of you.

The Responsibilities Of Trustees

Many professional advisers find that they undertake the role of Trustee without fully appreciating the obligations that this imposes in relation to investing the Trust’s funds. The Trustee Act 2000 sets out a number of duties and responsibilities, including the duty to diversify assets, look after the interests of the beneficiaries and take professional advice. A partnership with AEON will provide you with appropriate professional financial advice, enabling you to carry out your duties as a Trustee effectively and lawfully.

How We Work Together

The way the partnership works is as follows:

  • Regular meetings are held with you to discuss work in progress
  • We’ll work with you to develop new ways to support you and your fee earners
  • Your fee earners will be offered appropriate training thus ensuring that they are able to discharge your company’s duty of care to your clients
  • We’ll help you develop financial promotions for your clients where you feel this will assist you in your own client relationships.

The partnership works both ways and there may be occasions when we refer our own clients to you because we know that they would benefit from your professional skills.

We are committed to providing your clients with personal, bespoke and quality financial advice which is ongoing and cost effective.

Overall, developing a professional partnership with AEON makes sense because we both share the same ideals and professional outlook. To find out more, please contact either Tony Long or Andy Hill for an informal discussion.