Your business and personal finances are inextricably linked so it makes sense to employ a single firm of Financial Advisers. It always amazes us when company owners seek financial advice from their bank, although we understand why they may feel obliged to do so! AEON has the breadth of knowledge, experience and qualifications to give fully independent financial advice to business owners and directors.

Business Owners

AEON offers a range of services for your business. For example, how would your business survive if a valuable member of your team was no longer able to work because of illness? Planning for the future is so important and applies to all types and size of company. Putting simple measures in place to protect your business against the unexpected is reassuring for both you and your employees.

Staff benefit schemes are a great way to demonstrate that you care about and appreciate your employees. Such benefit schemes can also offer staff the opportunity to have financial security at an affordable rate. Additionally it can be a more tax effective way to remunerate staff. Overall, staff benefit schemes are good for the employee and good for your business.

Business owners rarely ask themselves the following questions:

  • Has your business put into place a corporate ‘will’?
  • Have you worked out how to extract profit and minimise the tax the business pays?
  • Has the business a contingency fund so that if one of the owners dies or is critically ill, their family will receive the full value of any shares?
  • Have you reviewed your current financial arrangements? Do they do what you think they do and are they cost effective?

AEON specialises in business insurances for small to medium sized companies. Bridging the gap between comparison sites giving little advice, and direct insurers selling their own products, we can help with liability, professional indemnity and motor fleet insurances. In addition, if you are a commercial or residential landlord then AEON offers impartial advice and competitive premiums.

As for your personal finances, AEON offers a range of options such as life assurance, short and long term investments and wealth management. Whatever your business, our financial advisers have the breadth and depth of knowledge to work with you and understand your needs.

So, as you can see, AEON will work with you to understand your personal and business goals and then we will suggest effective ways to achieve them. Because your personal finances and business finances are inter-linked, you can be certain that AEON will consider all the implications for both your personal and corporate finances. Our aim is to offer appropriate solutions and strategies so that both you and your company thrive.

If you’re interested in finding our more about AEON’s comprehensive services for businesses and business owners, please contact us for a no obligation meeting at our expense.