Running a small to medium sized business can be complicated and time consuming. Therefore, it’s not surprising that important aspects of business insurance aren’t always given the necessary consideration to secure appropriate protection. If your insurance falls into this category, are you certain that your business is properly covered? AEON can offer your company specific advice concerning all types of business insurance.

Freelance Stylists

We can provide competitive cover for Freelance Hairdressers and Barbers throughout the UK.

We can provide cover if you rent a chair in a salon or if your work is mobile.

We can provide cover for your liability to the public as well as your kit and equipment.

We are affiliates of The British Barbers Association and therefore understand the risks that you face.

If you wish to arrange your own cover, please see our instant quotations section where you can obtain cover 24 hours per day. If your needs are a little more complex or you would like our advice please do not hesitate to contact us .

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