According to the Benjamin Franklin quotation, nothing is certain except death and taxes. While AEON cannot offer you immortality, we can mitigate the erosive effects of taxation on your wealth, whether it be through better management of your investments, business finances or financial affairs in general. Advising clients on maximising tax efficiency is fundamental to everything we do.


Consideration of the effects of taxation is central to all the financial advice we offer. Whether we’re advising on the purchase of a single financial product or developing a long-term financial strategy for a client, the tax implications underpin the decisions we reach.

nest-egg-cartoonTax mitigation is not, however, an end in itself. Our financial planning focuses on ensuring that the projected outcome, taking into account the effects of inflation, taxation and investment performance, best satisfies your financial goals and aspirations.

For private clients, our financial advice will ensure that your affairs are structured and managed to minimise the effects of income, capital gains and Inheritance Tax, while taking advantage of tax efficient saving and investment opportunities.

In the case of businesses, the complex interrelationship between the owner’s personal and business finances provides further scope for tax mitigation. The ownership structure of the business, the manner in which income or capital is withdrawn and the benefits it offers its owners and staff all have significant tax implications.

We aim to develop financial strategies which are effective and tax efficient for all our clients. However, for those with significant assets or income to protect, our wealth management service offers specialist investment, tax mitigation and estate planning advice.