AEON understands the importance of helping you to protect your loved ones financially both now and in the future. Planning ahead to ensure financial security is essential but we know it is not easy to talk about. Our experienced advisers offer sensitive advice to help clients and their dependents whether they require life assurance, health insurance or long term care insurance.

Life And Health

Life Assurance:

Put simply, life assurance policies are designed to provide a payment on your death. But, how do you know that the right amount of money will reach the right hands at the right time? Unfortunately, many people find out too late that their life assurance policy doesn’t provide the cover they’d assumed or expected. AEON’s advisers have years of experience in selecting the most appropriate policies which will provide exactly the type and level of cover you need, at the time that it is needed.

Health Insurance:

Poor health is one of the biggest threats to your financial security and wealth. Some may argue that this has a bigger financial impact than premature death as your life policies have not paid out and you continue to need an income for both you and your family. Selecting the right type of health cover to meet your particular needs and circumstances is more about understanding those needs than about researching different products, which is why we believe you should contact AEON.

Long Term Care Insurance:

Preparing for later life is not easy but 25% of the population will either need long term care themselves or become a carer for a loved one. It is therefore vital to take action well before retirement age. Often, the Local Authority or NHS is not able to offer an appropriate amount of support for someone needing long term care. This means that people who have not taken precautionary measures are forced to deplete their own resources or income to pay for care costs. AEON’s advisers offer sensitive and practical advice to suit your individual financial situation so that, should the need for long term care arise, your capital won’t have to take the strain.

If you’d like to find out how AEON can help arrange life assurance, health insurance or long term care insurance to protect you and your family’s financial well-being, please contact us to arrange a no obligation meeting at no cost to you.