Buying a house is a complex operation, which for most people means taking out a mortgage. Many home buyers arrange their mortgage with a High Street bank or building society without realising that there are lots of different types of mortgage offered by a range of lenders. AEON is a whole of market mortgage adviser whose qualified IFAs are able to recommend the most appropriate mortgage for you.

Choosing Your Mortgage

A mortgage is a significant long-term financial commitment. Choose the wrong lender or type of mortgage and it could cost you thousands of pounds in additional repayments, or even leave you with a residual debt at the end of the term.

In the light of this, it’s surprising how many people go direct to a High Street bank or building society when they’re arranging a mortgage. Such institutions are usually restricted to selling only their own mortgage products, which means that you may not have access to all types of mortgage and be unaware of products offered by other lenders.

AEON advises on mortgages from the whole market and so provides access to the full range of mortgages offered, not just from banks and building societies but other financial institutions and specialist lenders. This includes specialist mortgages such as:

  • Buy to let
  • Self-build mortgages
  • Adverse credit mortgages
  • First time buyer
  • Shared ownership mortgages.

Mortgage lenders offer different ways of charging interest. There are many alternatives including discounted, fixed, capped, variable, collared and LIBOR linked.

More importantly, all our mortgage advisers are qualified Financial Planners who will take an holistic approach to your mortgage and how it fits with your other financial commitments and goals.

Always bear in mind that:


If you’d like to discuss your mortgage requirements, please contact AEON to arrange an initial, no obligation meeting.