Auto-enrolment – what does it mean for me?

Tuesday 19th November 2013

Auto-enrolment started rolling out in the UK from October 2012. Whilst many of us have no doubt seen some of the frequent government adverts with familiar faces such as Karen Brady and Theo Paphitis, declaring ‘they’re in’, they don’t go far in explaining to people what auto-enrolment is all about.  For example:

What is it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Die

Who does it apply to?

When will it affect me?

What will it cost me?

The link below takes you to AEON’s PowerPoint presentation which aims to address these key issues as well as a few others that we believe every employer ought to know.

If having watched it you want to find out more, simply request a call back or click on the ‘contact us’ bar at the bottom of the screen and we can arrange an initial meeting which will be at our cost and with no obligation.

Click the following link to see AEON’s auto-enrolment presentation:

Auto-Enrolment for employers



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