A pension is a savings plan that qualifies for special tax treatment and therefore makes saving more affordable. It is designed to provide you with an income when you are no longer working and to supplement any state pension. Because pensions are such a complex area, AEON offers specialist pension advice which will ensure your pension provides the security you need in later life.


'I always hoped retirement would look like this' - A cartoon about retirement and pensionsThe special tax treatment that pensions receive makes them a very attractive method of saving. For many people, a pension is a valuable asset which should secure a financially secure retirement.

However, some people find reasons never to start a pension, perhaps because they think the process is too complicated, or the time is not right, or they’re scared off by adverse press reports.

In reality, the tax advantages enjoyed by pension schemes mean that, almost without exception, anyone who can contribute towards a pension should do just that.

So why are most of us disappointed with our pensions? There are a few reasons, but the main one is we don’t take them seriously enough. All too often, people assume that a pension will provide for their retirement, irrespective of how much they are contributing!

Your pension will only meet your expectations if it’s managed actively, reviewed regularly and receives appropriate levels of contribution.

AEON has three types of pension advisory service, depending on your circumstances:

Pre-Retirement Pension Planning

AEON offers advice on all aspects of pensions in the pre-retirement phase, from setting up a new pension to the regular review and ongoing management of an existing pension.

Occupational Pension Advice

Members of occupational pension schemes have a range of choices when they change employment and at retirement. In order to keep one’s options open, it is imperative that one starts planning at least 18 months prior to retirement.

Post-Retirement Pension Planning

For those approaching retirement and the newly retired, AEON offers advice about how to convert your pension fund into a reliable source of income and / or capital.

Whether you’re ready to start a pension, would like your existing pension arrangements reviewed, or are already retired, contact AEON to discover how its pension planning service could help you get the most from your pension.