AEON is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers that has been trading since 1996. AEON is committed to giving a quality and bespoke advisory service. We provide cost effective financial solutions to businesses and individuals with a focus on the provision of a first class service that caters for its clients’ particular circumstances or requirements.

The AEON Charter

AEON Financial Services Ltd has been advising clients for over 15 years and provides ‘Advice Every One Needs’. We are constantly seeking to improve the way in which we work to enhance the service we provide to our clients and to offer fair value for money for our advice.

Our core values are:

  • To work with our clients so that we have a common vision for future ambitions and goals
  • To be open minded and creative in the solutions we devise
  • To care for our clients and demonstrate a high level of diligence
  • To engage with other professionals, when appropriate, to ensure that we create a comprehensive and thorough financial solution
  • To liaise, as necessary, with our clients’ existing accountants, solicitors and other advisers
  • To share our ideas and work as a team combining our intellectual capacity for the benefit of the client
  • To ensure that our consultants and administration staff continue to study and enhance their knowledge base and technical skills.

While we act overall as general practitioners, over the years we have developed a team of advisers with specialist knowledge. This means that many of our clients are able to work with more than one of our advisers and benefit accordingly. In particular we provide the following specialist advice:

As Independent Financial Advisers we are able to select the most appropriate products from the market and offer advice that is tailor-made to suit your current needs and circumstances. Each client is considered as an individual and we do not provide off-the-shelf solutions.

To find out more about our services and arrange a review of your financial situation, please contact us. There are no obligations or cost implications for an initial meeting and discussion.