Darren Wagstaff

Looking for impartial financial advice tailored to suit your personal or business circumstances? Based in Rotherham, AEON Financial Services has over 15 years of experience providing quality wealth management services for individuals, plus a full range of financial services for organisations.

Insurance Intermediary

Darren Wagstaff

t. 01709 730600

How would you describe your role within AEON?

I advise both on a personal and a corporate basis. I primarily ensure businesses are financially protected against the loss of a director or key member of staff. In addition, I ensure that families have adequate protection in place in for them to maintain their existing lifestyle in the event of death, illness or injury. Unfortunately, financial pressure comes when income stops!

What qualifications do you have?


What is the most valuable piece of advice you have been given?

Not to try and be all things to all people. To be yourself.

What interests do you have?

Anything that allows me to be outdoors, I enjoy walking and I have recently taken up mountain biking and so at the moment I am struggling sitting down!

What is your favourite Holiday, Book, Board Game, Film, Sport and or sports team?


Carlito’s Way.

Sports team

Rotherham United FC.


A couple of years ago I spent time in the Cascade Mountains, a very rural part of Oregon, America. It was interesting to see American life away from the big cities and tourist trails.